US VISA application procedures keep changing from time to time for the latest information please visit:

# DS 160 form remain unchanged, but due to new visa policies by trump administration, you might be asked for more information at a later stage such as your phone no.s used in past, information about your social media profiles etc.

As far as fee is concerned, the fee can now be paid very easily either by visiting axis or citi banks or going for a NEFT internet banking transfer, its easy and fast.

Last update : Kindly note that US visa application procedure has been changed by the US department of state.

US Visa
This is an copy of US Visa which demonstrates all the fields therein.

In a statement made by US Embassy said :
The U.S. Embassy Announces a New Visa Processing System”The United States Embassy in India  announced it is implementing a new visa processing system throughout India that will further standardize procedures and will simplify fee payment and appointment scheduling through a new website at Minister Counselor for Consular Affairs, Julia Stanley, announced at a press conference here today that beginning September 26, 2012 U.S. visa applicants will be able to pay application fees via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or with their mobile phones. They can also pay in cash at more than 1,800 Axis bank branches.”

For C1D aspirants: SO, for seafarers it is essential to note that now you have to do your entire application on , rather than earlier one that was VFS.

* Inform the company regarding your application and ask them for the IMO number and vessel name of the vessel you are to join (this needs to be filled up in the DS-160 form),ask for the US VISA APPLICATION to be duly signed and provided by company with a contract letter attached, they may provide application and contract letter at a later stage before your interview.

*Obtain a digital photograph that meets the requirements as mentioned on us department of states site, just google it up if you don’t find not an issue, you can fill up without providing photograph but at the time of OFC and interview bring your photograph (not digital one) with you .Fill up the DS-160 Application form (no changes have been made in current version of the form)

by logging on to ,and selecting the option of DS-160, you will be redirected to US department of state’s site where the form is available and is to be filled,properly and carefuly. please provide a proper digital photograph at the time of application,can be cropped to size by US department of state’s cropping tool provided on its site, you can also save the form after each step and finally after verifying all data put your digital signatures and submit the form,take a print out of the DS-160 confirmation page,can also take a print of application if you want, otherwise it is not required at time of interview since they have all data in digital format.

*you will need to make a account/profile on the site (mentioned above) by providing true data.

*start the take appointment procedure,you will need to provide your visa type (c1/d in ur case ),state of residence (the state where you have been living for past 6 months, and should be matching to state on your passport (recommended, not required by law),place where you want to take your passport after visa is granted (these will be OFC’S (described later) or blue dart officec where you can get you visa (pick up).

*take fee payment slip, by selecting option out of axis bank/citi bank payment or via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or with their mobile phones.

*pay the fees at nearest branch (all branches accept the fees), withing 4 hours it will get activated.

*continue the procedure, and take your appointment form

NOW YOU WILL BE NEEDED TO TAKE TWO SEPARATE APPOINTMENTS, ONE FOR INTERVIEW(at embassy/consulate) OTHER FOR OFC (offsite facilitation center), OFC’S have been made up to verify your documents (confirmation page/interview appointment letter/passport) and to take your biometric signatures (finger prints) and a photograph.


>>>Important information: Most of the time executives working in the shipping company offices pose as being an expert in visa matters and these people and lead you in a very bad situation, hence it is very important for you to be read everything very carefully by yourself, and having proper knowledge regarding the application procedure.

Please make sure you never provide any false information in the visa application DS 160 form, if you have been rejected in past, honestly fill it up accordingly, it won’t affect your chances for obtaining a visa next time.



If your visa has been denied under this section according to the booklet provided by the consular officer then the following points might be helpful to you –

* section 214(b) of US immigration and nationality act,

Denials under this section are not permanent at all, you can apply after seven days of previous rejection.

under this section visa is rejected due to your inability to prove that you have strong ties with your state of residence (India in your case), ties can be- a permanent residence in India (either on rent or owned by you/your family),your family,your bank balance,your education, and your job., this refers to the reasons for which you will come back to India after your said stay in US and will not become / try to become permanent resident/immigrant there. hence try to find out your ties with state of residence. well there may be some other reasons under this rejection since, this is a vast section, hence has the ability to accommodate lot of issues which might not be relevant to someone in common but since consular officer are highly skilled people and have special skills to decide what is right under the law they decide things over few minutes and you are in a tensed state that interview didn’t even last two minutes.

A common question after this denial on next interview would be-

* what are the changes in your circumstances from your last application?

this time you have to be confident and say “sir this time i am ready to explain the ties i have with my state and can prove it in a better manner” if asked further provide the ties.


My advice :

* first of all please don’t keep it in your mind that if you have been denied once then you won’t get a visa in future, its a complete myth i have seen personally many guys have got their visa issued after a rejection in past.

* Experience factor- Well i have herd people talking about experience as a major factor in the denials, well this may be one of the factors but in a seafarer’s case this does not play a major role provided you have all the authentic documents and you know what you are going to do on board and basics of your seafaring.

*Major problem lies with the Deck/Engine cadets, as they are young and normally in age group of 18-20 there is some more stringent rules for them since they don’t have much ties, or they didn’t get that much time to form such ties, in this case their knowledge matters a lot, they must be knowing exactly what is their role on board the ship, they should know what they are going to do in case of a fire or any major hazard.





Fellow mariners, US visas pending under section 221(G) Of US immigration and nationality act are liable to be pending for quite long period, as the consulate cannot predict how long this process will take as it varies based on the individual circumstances of each case.You can check your status report by entering your bar code number. If you were issued a yellow 221(g) handout, please submit requested documents and/or passports via GSS. To locate the VFS center it is located near most of metropolitan cities across India,If you were issued a white, blue or green handout, please follow the instructions in that letter carefully in order for consulate to continue processing your visa application. US visa is a really hectic problem faced by many seafarers these days,be optimistic regarding your visa application.

This section involves a through inquiry in each case and based on the information gained by the experts it is decided whether the said person is eligible to be issued a US visa or not, Well in case of Seafarers C1D visa, this is not that extensive hence there are much more chances for you to get a visa issued.



Last update: Nov 2017

(C)COPYRIGHT 2013  marine_observer



    • Hello Sir
      I am a seafarer. My last vessel was a lightering vessel. So I took parole stamp on my passport.But when I signed off and came back to India, I went for a renewal of my US visa but they rejected under 214(b). Now company have applied again and this time they are giving me one letter that I will not join lightering vessel. Will it be sufficient or I need some more documents???

      • My C1D Visa got rejected last month. I told the officer I had sailed in iran. Then he asked how many months were you in that country I thought he asked contract duration hence I said 5. Passport no iran stamp hence he asked have you ever been to iran I said no. Je asked which ship you will join and returned my passport.j n

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  2. Sir m a deck cadet. My visa was rejected under 214b officer only askd me 4-5 question
    1- why u r going us?
    Ans- i m frm th field of merchnt navy . I m going for my job purpose.
    2- wat does ur father do?
    Ans- my father is no more sir…he passed away 10 yrs ago.
    3- wat is ur mthr do?
    Ans- she is a govt employee…she works in govt hospital
    4-frm whre hv u done this course?
    Ans- i hv dne my pre sea training frm gt. Noida.

    Sir plz crrct me whr i ws wrong…n help me so tht i cn get visa nxt tym

    • Will depend on under which section it has got denied, if it is under section 214(b), then you can apply anytime but better to apply when there is a change in the present circumstances under which your visa got denied.

  3. Have been rejected twice for c1d Visa this year February 2017. Why i was rejected twice in my case. Now my company from head office Miami has asked me that they want in writing from the US consulate. Thanks regards…

  4. Hi Dear,
    My name is Anu Thakur . I had applied for C1D visa twice ,the first time I applied the visa in the month of November 2016 got rejected coz I was not carrying enough documents but the second time in the month of Feb 2017 and was carrying all the documents but they rejected my visa without asking any questions. Was that due to my previous record of my interview they had if yes then how can I change that and if not then how can get my visa without any rejection if I reapply now. As I still have my job on the cruise ship.

    • Ms. Anu, you can send me an email sharing your full details at , meanwhile I would like to know, under which section your visa got denied, if it was due to insufficient documents and you did carry sufficient documents next time, did they ask you to get experience or anything as such for the purpose of obtaining a visa?

  5. hi its manish ,my visa got rejected in nov 2016 …so i want to know is this right time to reapply my visa for the second time ??? and the reason for the first time they gave for my visa rejection was saying to me that you are still not eligible…so i want to know how should i prepare this time for my 2nd interview

    • You must reapply only after proper preparation, go through your filled up DS 160 form, try to locate any error or mistake you did while filling up the form, US counselor officers are highly trained people, they can very easily find faults,hence my suggestion to you would be to give it proper time and reapply after you have clarified everything.

      • Sir my c1d visa they have ask me for fingerprint. I already gaven my fingerprints.
        I go to collect my passport again they are asking for my finger print. Second time dnt know why plz gave some advice if u have any idea regarding this.

  6. I have been in the Merchant Marine for over 18 yrs and quit as a Captain. I have applied for C1D, B1B2 as well as F1 student visas in Mumbai many times. Now living in the US. The US immigration officers have a job to do. They have to eliminate potential individuals who want to stay back in the US. They are all very very patriotic and knowledgeable. If they dont do their job well then they wont go to sleep well. They will reject anyone who cannot give a good reasonable answer to their questions. The answer has to be definite and precise. For eg if you are asked why you are going to the US…the reply cannot be “I work/going to work in the Merchant Navy and I am going for my job purpose”. The reply should be I work in the Merchant Marine/Navy, I am required to join a ship in the US or my ship visits US a lot and here is a letter from the company and the US requires all individuals on ships visiting the US to have a C1D visa prior to arriving port and this can be done only here at the embassy. Vague answers will get your application rejected. You also have to train your mind that your sole purpose to visit the US is not staying back but to be able to do your job on board the ship, and that you have commitments to your profession, your life and family back in your country.

  7. Hello Sir,
    I am a seaman ,I already having a C1-D visa ,so I would like to reneawal
    this Visa as per my Company requirement .
    I already put it in drop box , but the Visa is cancelled without prejudiced.
    Then they ask me to meet a Consular then also my Visa got cancelled.
    And also I have Paroled Stamp on my Passport,in 2014 I was working with
    Carnival Cruise lines and I signed off from Miami and Actually I got fired
    from that company because of random alcohol test .After that company ruined
    me I worked in many companies and I visited U.S so many times.
    These all thing I already discussed with Consular then also they had
    rejected my Visa . They put me in clause 214(b) .

    So I want to overcome from these situations.So what documents I have to
    show them so that my Visa get renewal.

  8. Hello sir im having my interview for c1d us visa my problem is that my filling up the form that the compony gave me i did not write anything in the us relative information i didnt even check the yes or no question as in i leave it all blank i do have a distant relative in the us but i plan to not decleare them is that ok not to decleare them? As i dont write anyting is the form ?

    • Hello sir im having my interview for c1d us visa my problem is that i declared that a have family (cousins) in U.S. Is that be ok sir?

  9. Sir, my C1D visa case was created on 26 Mar 18. I was issued with 221g green slip. Before this I was granted us visa 3 times. Even after 40 days I am not able to get my pp/visa. Still under AP, Mumbai. What should I do ?


      Fellow mariners, US visas pending under section 221(G) Of US immigration and nationality act are liable to be pending for quite long period, as the consulate cannot predict how long this process will take as it varies based on the individual circumstances of each case.You can check your status report by entering your bar code number. If you were issued a yellow 221(g) handout, please submit requested documents and/or passports via GSS. To locate the VFS center it is located near most of metropolitan cities across India,If you were issued a white, blue or green handout, please follow the instructions in that letter carefully in order for consulate to continue processing your visa application. US visa is a really hectic problem faced by many seafarers these days,be optimistic regarding your visa application.

      This section involves a through inquiry in each case and based on the information gained by the experts it is decided whether the said person is eligible to be issued a US visa or not, Well in case of Seafarers C1D visa, this is not that extensive hence there are much more chances for you to get a visa issued.

  10. Hllo sir….my us c1/d visa got rejected Under section 214(b) …and the consulate officer only asked few questions….the questions I was asked by consulate officer I couldn’t listen plzzz can u suggest me what should I do for the next time so at least I can clear us interview

  11. Im Manoj kumar and i went to atten c1/d visa interview today .
    But the us counslar asking me some questions .
    They are :
    1)you applied for c1/d visa show me your employment letter and cdc?
    Ans:i show my letter of employmentand for cdc i told to the counslar,sir i do not have a cdc with me bcz im going to work in hospitality service especially in cruise line .so,cdc its not required for me, for that i have a refrrence letter for that .
    2)Did u visit any country in the past?
    Ans: yes sir i went srilanka last year at the month of march for my grandma’s funeral.
    3)how much u getting here and from the carnival?
    Ans:sir in india im getting11000 rupees per month.
    And the carnival cruise line offering for me 725 us dollars per month.
    4)what is your position in carnival cruise line?
    Ans: im selected as a trainee cook from carnival ecstasy cruise ship and my salary is 725 us dollars per month.
    But i dont no why the us counslar wll reject me .
    Sir plz told me what are the things im getting to improve my self .
    And also how months i have to be wait for reissue my c1/d visa.
    Sir plz sir while u reading , after this send me the answer plz.

    • Mr. Manoj please don’t get disheartened, there are lot of reasons why a consular will reject a Visa, you have to be fair with your answers and have to answer them all straight to the point. Your answers seem unreasonable, please recheck your application form for any errors you might have made. And before next application you must give sufficient time to prepare yourself, and increase the chances of being granted a US Visa.

    • Hi sir Sir m a deck boy. My visa was rejected under 214b for twice..the officer only askd me 4-5 question
      1- why do you join merchant navy?
      2- what does ur father do?
      3- first time my joining port is in Newcastle Australia and 2nd time in brake Germany both time he asked me why do you want us visa your joining port is not in America ?
      first time i am very nervous and i did not give the proper answer that’s my mistake but 2nd time I was prepared very well and give the answer very confidentially but consultant rejected my visa again and when I’m asked to the consultant what the main issue why you are rejected my visa again then he say you are not eligible for us visa try again and my company tell me reapply the visa 3 month later now i am apply the visa in july month what i do

      Actually what changes now i am doing in my application

      In application form — thats one question 1- have your even been refused a us visa explain ?
      – i am write here last time – yes ! lack of experience. is this ok?

      Now i am very worried because my company give me last chance to a get a visa if I am not get the visa my company tell me change the company

  12. i am sandeep and i had applied 1st time US C/1D Visa.i have all the documents rest of original CDC. i have only application copy which i had submited. my aplication is under process in DG Shipping web site. is it any problam for visa ? please reply

    • Mr. Sandeep having a CDC is important since it is your identification document as a seafarer, well it is on consular officer’s discretion, but you should wait Untill you have original CDC prior appearing for the interview. Hope it helps!

  13. pls sir i m moses i hve c1d valid visa but the company has taminate by my contract ,please i ca n travel with the visa to usa

  14. Good day Sir Marine_observer.

    I have few questions I’d like clarity on.
    I live outside my home country for 7 years now and recently got a job with a cruise lines, can I apply my c1d visa here in foreign soil or should necessarily go back home to apply?

    I live here with a work permit obtained by home affairs here, is that enough to be granted a US visa?

    Your reply is highly needed pleeeeeease Sir!

      • Hallo Sir , i was also denied (section214b) my C1/D visa on 3april 2019 i applied it from my home country but because i was staying and working in foreign country without a permit.So can i apply a work permit in that foreign country and go back to reapply for a visa

      • You can apply for US Visa from any of the countries which have a U.S. Embassy/Consulates. Having legal papers in of utmost importance in order to obtain visa and escape any sanctions in future.

  15. Sir
    I’m chiru this is my first interview ..I’m so afraid plzz tell me few trips to get visa c1/d ..I’m fresher

    • Good morning, myself Pankaj have completed all the documents (LOE,STCW,CDC,MEDICAL) and waiting for us round
      My concern is related 2 things
      1) I left my hotel because it had been 3 months related this what should I answer
      2) currently staying in Mumbai on rent last 4 months permanent address is Delhi staying over 15 years
      Is there any issue with the address

  16. dear sir,

    my neme is jaspreet singh and rank is deck cadet and i have 10 month experience in mahavir shipping . know i am selected in drs shipping and i applied c1d visa two times but not approved by embassy. i dont know region behind this. may be my age or so on . i am very upset. so please sir suggest me what i can do to get this visa.


    • I can understand the situation very well, but you must be patient and study for the situations or reasons that may be responsible for you to get this visa denied, once you are well ready then only I will suggest you to reapply. It can be even 15 days or maybe 1 month or 2.

  17. Hi sir
    I have a valid c1 d visa. It was renwed in 2015 by dropbox. Now it expires in 2020. I would like to club b1 b2 visa along with c1 d visa.
    1. What is the procedure for the same?
    2. Do i have to give the interview again or do i get it clubbed without a interview ( possble by dropbox)?

  18. hi sir ,can i travel with c1d visa issue march 2018 ,i was not able to join the vessel because the vessel i aquired the visa was under maintanace so the company has change the vessel for me,please can i travel with the same visa?

  19. Sir,
    How to renewwal C1/D visa.I applied twice was rejected sec 214(b) Stamp on visa page without prejudice.working in popular cruise line,how can i find exact reason for visa refusal.
    Thank you.

  20. my b1/b2 is revoked and i am barred from entering usa for 5 years. now i am a crew member if i apply for c1/d visa is there a possibility that i can be approve?

  21. Hi, I gave my passport for renewal of my C1/D visa at New Delhi Location on 07/01/2019 along with CDC. My visa was valid till Nov 2019. Case updated on 09/01/2019. Visa is still showing administrative process. I gave my company letter and other documents required as per interview waiver program. No emails regarding additional documents have been sent to me. Till when can I expect my Visa. I find no online review regarding such case of C1/D visa. My last travel in us via ship was in Aug 2018.

  22. pls sr, my c1dvisa was approved jan 2018 because of family issue was able to join my vessel and year i will be joining what is the answer to tell immigration why this delay in your visa

  23. my c1d visa got denied recently because I had an application last june 2018 which was a tourist visa thus, might affect my rejection when I get the c1d visa. My ship company suggested if I want to reapply again they will give me vessel assignment and a contract. Will it have a higher chance to get my c1d visa approved if I reapply again? thanks.

  24. Hello.. i did not include the birthdate of my mother in my C1D renewal application form because i really dont know her birthday as she and my dad separated since birth.. will this affect the approval? Please advise . Thank you

    • The information needs to be true, but if you might have known your mother’s bday by any of the documents it would had been good. Still your case is good. Do not worry.

      • Hi
        My C1D Visa has been rejected twice in US Consulate. There is some prob I don’t know what is the prob, many crew members from Carnival cruise lines are getting rejected.

        I tried for two times consular asked me simple questions
        What’s your Rank onboard
        What’s your job role
        How do you came to know about carnival cruise lines.

        I answered correctly and confidently ,then she told me to wait for 5 mins, she took my passport and company letter went from her place and walk to someone place and returned back then she issued me 214b paper and my visa has been refused.. no idea what is happening….??.

        I don’t involve in any criminal activity and not provided false information…

        This time I’m going to apply in my mother language tamil ..

        Comment me plsss

  25. hi
    I joined A shiping company and I got my c1d visa 2months before. but from last 2 months i didnt got any ship to join.. so i am planning to switch this company.. is it will any effect on my visa? can my previous company cancel my c1d visa? please guide me.. thanks..

  26. Hello Sir,
    1 – I have filed a E-FIR of theft / stolen property (Mobile Phone) to avoid any wrong use of my phone which asked to enter my passport details as well and i did provide all the details. Will this affect getting my C1/D visa?
    I’ve never been involved in any criminal activity in past neither there is any pending case in court on me.
    2- The address given on my passport is different what given on my Aadhar card since i’m working in different state for last 4 years and got my Aadhar done in the state i work in. Will this be a case of VISA denial ? I’m very much tensed thinking of these issues.
    Kindly guide me.


  27. Hello

    Iam 18 years experience as a seaman ( iam a head bartender ) I applied for c1d Visa, at the interview the consulate officer asked me why I am applying for this visa ,my answer was normal as I am joining RCCL ,she ask me how long I am in this industry ,my answer was 18 years
    She had a look at my previous passports and the Visa in it ,she took my passport and my seaman book and my LOE and she put me in administrative process, she told me that it will take 2 weeks
    So far it’s one month and nothing show up from the embassy
    Each time I check my Visa status it shows under AP

    What can I do in this case
    Shall I email the embassy or just hold and wait

  28. Dear sir,

    I am applying for C1D visa. The address in my passport and Aadhaar card is different. Passport address and CDC address is old. Will it create an issue for getting visa? Kindly help.

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