About marine_observer


 Welcome to marine_observer, If you are looking for Marine and Mariner’s life , you are on the spot!

 The exciting travel that is never ending, the urge to dig in deep, the fearlessness of a mariner in strongest storms, and the passion to sail in the tallest ships is what makes us apart from the landlubbers.

The scripted life never works out! Feel free to contact at my delight

Second Officer  Abhishek Tiwari

Second Mate(FG), Bsc Nautical Science

email: abhishektwr094@gmail.com




  1. incase i was denied getting us visa how manny day interval to take back to interview should i pay again the amount of 6820 pls reply

  2. @ vivek best way would be to qualify in IIT JEE and join T S Chanakya, or get sponsered by a trusted company .

  3. @jay If you were denied under normal section mentioned in US VISA ISSUES you can apply anytime after denial.

  4. Hi Marine Observer – Thank you for following my blog. I hope you will gain some pleasure from the mixture of photography and history, ancient and modern. You may have noticed that I have an interest in ships, ports, and the sea as well as my other topics. Des.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for stopping by Am An Aspirant too.. Great articles on your trek expeditions. Hope we would catch up on one of them in the future!

    Wishes, T.

  6. Abhishek I’ve read all your posts, what an amazing person, a traveller,trekker,mariner,writer,poet, blogger and enthusiast.

  7. Abhishek, first and foremost, thank you for the follow. I guess you may have seen the sailing posts on my blog. A sailor I am not unfortunately, but do love the sea! My other half, however, has no problems with coping with the sea in whatever mood she happens to be when they go out sailing. I wish you fair weather, the wind at your back and much joy

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