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Must is to tell me don’t sow the seeds,

But when there is a ray of hope,again the expectation blooms,

Again it comes and everything is dark.

There have been dreams dreams and dreams, some realised too,

I wait, should I?

Look ahead somewhere see it, I run and run

closer I go, far I am

realization and expectation keeps me wondering day in out

every mile I walk, I am loosing you

Was there a limit, I would had gone straight to it, catch it ,hold it

my conscience is finding it hard to breathe, is it suffocation?

take me back to the wonder land,

Let me fall asleep and let me dream

Dreams, dreams and dreams this is all I have in my safe

I ask you, call you, you let me go unheard

so this the point where saturation comes, but I want to mix it even more, want to see you crystal clear.



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