Waiting for Tommorow

Image courtesy: Internet

Yearning for tommorow am leaving you today,

Thousand fantasies in my heart,

Ill leave early, I will see you some other day,

Today is tommorow, no gratification.


I don’t want you, you are grisly,

Why you come again and again, am waiting for tommorow.


You please me sometimes let me say,

But joy doesn’t hold long, I want it till end of the day.

It’s getting late by every passing day, everyday I see you, am waiting for tomorrow,

There were days, there were months, now even years are narrow.

I toiled for tommorow, I am being candid,

Yes at times you gave me reasons to laugh,

But I remember even that day it was tommorow whom I was longing for.

There were times you donated me pain,

He was tommorow who helped me again.

I want to leave you, and live in tommorw,

He will make me forget every sorrow.

I don’t know you follow me or do I?

But its just us who meet, you and I.

Now it’s you who will make me meet tomorrow,

After you end today , don’t show up tomorrow.

Am waiting for tommorow….


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