There is so much to sea – Marine blue

Image courtesy : Internet

I look all round,to find nothing I see,

Am Contained in a dome that amplifies as I sail,

No wall built no culmination,

There is so much to sea!

I have no intention to stop by you,I’ll keep sailing Untill I finish the blue.

They tell me you’ve lost your you,I ask them who are you talking to?

Sunrise in morning infuses hope and stars lead my way.

Marine blue I love you most, they dont know let them babble.

Today you seem gloomy why is so?

Calm you, I know you’re not like, ebullience radiance will show up soon, ripples will tickle and you will bloom.

Up and down there she goes, swimming hard against your flow, I see her within your translucent you, Dolphin lovely where to go!

The gold I find to be in you, Β what a lovely sight to see,

There is so much to sea!



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