ONBOARD FIRST TIME ( my onboard training – Phase 1 )

The day was 8th of  Feb, 2013

It was the day to leave home for the first time to go on a journey that is taking me to somewhere I doubt I was belonging to before! I was energetic,enthusiastic to join my first ship as this opportunity had come after a long period, I know what I had been into before joining the vessel. Things had got worst somewhere but I cant make the assesment in a word to include everything that was plastic in nature but true everywhere when thought into depth of the origin. After the successful US Visa interview I was in sky, butterflies in my stomach to go onboard.I had lot of shopping for going onboard, I had bought everything new!

Feelings weren’t all good somewhere it was making me to think of my loved ones, but I  was going foreign hence I somehow managed to keep everything aside. A flight in evening from Guwahati Airport took me to The captal New Delhi, Sponsoring company had arranged the guest house for me , Morning I went to the Office and got my medicals done and was informed that I would be taking a flight to Amsterdam on 0130 hrs. I was tired I came to the guest house, got dollers exchanged. After a futile time I was in Airport,completely lost regarding the procedures of International flights, got my boarding pass and went in After the immigration cleared. Getting close to the things which I was thinking in the past was giving a delight. Amsterdam airport was busy with people in their own speed of the moment, I had a connecting flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil , where I met the Agents , these were two ladies to my surprise in their early 30s. ” You go to santos now” were their words, and then came a Mercedes van that took us to a hotel in Santos, the port where I was supposed to join my First vessel. Hotel was nice, with lot good and new things, but not good for a foody guy like me who is into just veg food. I managed with rice, beans and salads not bad!

I was accompanied by my Second Officer and Engine Cadet, as we climbed up the gangway for the first time,M.T Chembulk Houston was on the jetty, I was not actually thinking too much about the ship and its structure all I was into was how will be the people over there. As I climbed up and went inside the accommodation, I was greeted by people saying welcome on board, with their designations. I wasn’t lost, was trying to inspect the things without admiring them in anyway, went for a round with the senior cadet whom I was supposed to relief, he was going home after 9 months and I was going to stay 9 months. He tried to fill up my mind with things I actually wasn’t in anyway concerned with, most of things told to me were of chemical tanker operation, not of what I was supposed to study like being a Navigating Officer !  in the coming months I realised it is for what I am here for, crew wasn’t that good to me as i was junior and everyone was on top of my head, you bring this ,you do this, call him were the words that had to be there in ears. Visited the bridge on the very same day, good to see what I had read about in last one year, Tried to relax a bit, but wasn’t aware that the time has gone, and now the time is to work, lets finish off the job!




  1. very useful man !
    thanx for al the information that u have shared with us !
    M sure this has helped a lot of aspirin students like me !

    kudos !!

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