What items to take to the sea, joining ship first time?

Before going onboard first time most of us ask this question to ourselves, what to take to sea? And this is the answer I have found for myself, this won’t be an article, but instead I would prefer to write it as a list-

Get ready to get an executive look!
Get ready to get an executive look!

First step for you would be to know exactly how many bags you can take with you while you go for boarding your ship-
• Large check in bag 1
• Hand bag/cabin bag 1
This is in view of some airlines allowing only 23 kg check in luggage and 7 kg cabin luggage, some airlines may also provide up to 40 kg.

1) Uniform
In uniform you can take your regular merchant navy uniforms, peak caps and blazers won’t be required to be carried by majority of companies, some of the uniforms can be-
 Long sleeve shirts 3
 Short sleeved shirts 3
 Black Trousers 3
 White socks 3
 Epaulets 2
 Black Tie 1
 Black Shoes and belt 1
 Shoe Polish and brush 1

2) Casual Dresses
You would also require packing few casual dresses for your shore leave and other times onboard.
 Underwear and socks 8

 Jeans or pants 3

 Shorts or lowers 3

 Shirts or T-shirts 6

 Shore Shoes 1

 Sweaters 2

 Jackets 1

3) Work books
If you are a cadet or even an officer you will need some stationary with you for your assignments, however you can get the same on the vessel too. For cadets Cadet record book is a must to take, you can also take the following with you-

 Notebooks 2
 Pencil and eraser 2
 Folder 1
 Ruler 1
 Pen 3

4) Items for your cabin
These will be few items you will require in your free time

 Laptop or graphic tablet
 Headphones
 Multimedia mobile phones
 Alarm clock
 Digital camera

5) Washing kit
You will need to take few cosmetics and washing kit with you since it might be needed in case your company is not providing it onboard.

 Shaving razor 2
 Shaving razor cartridge 10 cartridges at average
 Shaving foam 2 cans
 After shave 2
 Soap 4
 Toothpaste 3 large
 Toothbrush 3
 Deodorant 5
 Suncreme 1
 Nail cutter 1
 Sewing needle and thread 1
 Medicines – cough syrup,antiseptic,paracetamol,antibiotic tablets.

This list is not inclusive, it may be extended up to your personal needs, this list includes what i have found useful for me to take at the moment !



  1. If u r Taking soap keep it hidden or try not to take as u will get on monthly basis on ship.
    Saying this because as per VGP low phosphate soap should be used on ships.

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