Frequently asked questions in US Visa Interviews (Seafarer’s Visa- C1-D)

I have written quite extensively on the visa application procedure and issues involved in US VISA ISSUES  part.Preparation always plays a  good role in US Visa interviews ,but going to a US Visa consultant is not a solution,since you will be the only one facing the questions of the Consular Officer. There have been numerous cases of Seafarers been rejected of a US Visa, most of these are those Seafarers who don’t have good experience in shipping,hence such Seafarers are always advised to go through a set of Frequently asked questions by the Consular Officers.

USA Flag, put on with due respect.
USA Flag, put on with due respect.

I have tried to write down some of these questions,to facilitate the preparation for the Visa interviews by Seafarers for a crew visa.


Best For Freshers/Cadets joining first time:

* So you are in Merchant Navy, how long have you been serving?

Best Answer :  Tell your time period since you started the job,don’t use your CDC experience, unless asked specifically about sailing experience.In case of Fresher, just say I am a fresher and otherwise say I just have finished my pre sea training.

* What were you doing before your pre sea training?

Best Answer : If you were studying just say I was studying and reply further as asked ,Otherwise tell about your hobbies that you pursued during the time,be relevant to the question.

* What does your father do?

Best Answer : Just make it as simple as possible by telling the kind of  work your parents are involved in be Simple, don’t just say he is a government employee etc.

* Are you Joining first time?

Best Answer : If yes, just say yes. Don’t make the thing complicated by trying to explain him the matters in detail.

* Why did you join Merchant Marine/Navy?

Best Answer : Tell truly why did you join, If you think it was for making good money, then say so.

* What will be your work onboard ?

Best Answer : Tell about the nature of work you will be involved in, say so in simple way, Simply try to explain things,don’t use complicated terms.

* What is your stipend/salary on board ?

Best Answer : Try to tell the amount in Monthly income in USD.

* Where will you be staying in US?

Best Answer : Read it in your US Visa application by your company.

*Where did you come to know about Merchant Navy,did you join through any agent?

Best Answer : Tell accordingly wherever you found out eg. websites,newspaper advertisement,magazines,school counselor etc, No I am not joining through any agent

* Who will be the person in US to be contacted in case of emergency?

Best Answer : This is also given in US Visa application by your company.

* Where did you finish your pre sea training?

Best Answer : Name your training Institute and its location.

* What will you do in case you detect a fire onboard?

Best Answer : I will raise the fire alarm and try to extinguish the fire using the appropriate fire extinguisher,taking the nature of fire into consideration.

*What do you understand by Navigation?

Best Answer : Navigation means monitoring and controlling the movement of a craft,in simple words it means taking a ship from one place to another safely

* Are you engaged in any unlawful activity? Are you addicted to drugs?

Best Answer : No sir, No sir

**There maybe other questions based on your shipping knowledge,hence textual knowledge is also a factor determining your eligibility for a visa, since consular officers will test you if you have sufficient knowledge regarding your subjects.


Other questions which can be asked to experienced men are (also applies to freshers in relevant cases) :

* You have applied for reissue of your Visa ?

Best Answer : Yes Sir.

* What is your Rank onboard ship ?

Best Answer : Your Rank on contract letter,the capacity in which your are going to serve onboard..

* Which ship are you joining ?

Best Answer : XYZ.

* What kind of a ship is that ?

Best Answer : Tell type of vessel eg. chemical tanker/oil tanker/passenger vessel/bulk carrier/container ship/general cargo/RO-RO/etc.

* Which is your joining port ?

Best Answer : Your joining port.

* If your joining port is not in USA why do you want a US Visa ?

Best Answer : Even if my joining port is not in USA, still my ship trades in USA and there is a fair probability that I will have to call at an USA port

*Do you have friends or relatives in USA?

Best Answer : Reply truthfully,if you have some really close relatives in USA,it will never impact your Visa interview outcomes.

* Have you ever been to some other countries in past?

Best Answer : The information is displayed in your passport as well as in your DS-160 application,but still if he asks such question reply with correct answer naming the countries you have visited in past.

* Who will take care of your joining the ship since this is your first time joining ?

Best Answer : My company have their agents in USA,they will take care of my joining.

* Do you like life at sea?

Best Answer : Yes very much I like being at sea and facing new challenges every time ,but I miss my family and friends here in India.

* Are you married?Do you have children?

Best Answer : Reply according to you present marital status and children.

*Do you have plans to settle in USA?

Best Answer: (Your objective here in case of non-immigrant visa is to make the officer feel that you are not going to settle in USA,you will come back to your place of residence here in India,for that reason he will always test your ties with your home country US VISA ISSUES have explained it very well) No,I don’t have any plan to settle in USA.

** Sometime consular Officers may ask few questions which you may feel are irrelevant,but they have a purpose. Eg.* What did you have yesterday in your dinner?,*What was the colour of the shirt you wore yesterday?





Other questions will be added with time.

Last updated : 29th Nov 2017

(c)copyright 2017 marine_observer




  1. Sr my name is sahil raizada
    I am a deck cadet my us c1d visa is rejected twice i am not able to understand that what is the region of rection .

    On my last page of passport imigration check required is written is this the region of rejection??

    • sahil please don’t be disappointed. just try to go through your profile while filling up your forms. and at the time of the interview, the basic thing you will need to show them is that you have sufficient reasons to be here in india rather than going and settling in USA.

  2. Greetings!
    My name is ian ..
    Im a fresh graduate of BS in Marine Engineering..
    My schedule for my us visa interview is in Dec 3 2015..
    My question is what are the necessary document i should bring and also
    What are the FAQ in us visa interview for no experience engine cadet..

    Thank you very much.

      • This 28th June am having my us visa interview please give me some information regarding the documents and other details please. It’s my first time so please help me out.

  3. Tnx for sharing valuable info,. I’ll do have my us visa interview is my first time and will be joining carnival cruise line when I pass this interview. Any tips I don’t have experience on board.what possible questions I’ll encounter and the best answer . thank you a lot and God bless always!

  4. Bude , it been more useful for my interview
    Thanks for helping out
    By ur explaining of the question it be a idea to me that what type of question r go to be ask in interview

  5. Thanks for the answers. But I have some questions. I am offered as Asst, System Manager – IT, so even I have to take CDC or other training before C1/D visa?

  6. Applied for c1d visa and I truly reply of visa officer answer he just ask me
    Why you are going to us?
    Is it your first time to visiting abroad?
    Previous this what you do?

    Then he type on his computer and rejected me by 214 b

    • Vikas please don’t be disheartened, I know it is a very bad feeling after having got your visa rejected. I have provided some information regarding the types of visa denials under US VISA issues, as given on top of this page. Please visit ,it might be helpful to you. Next time take your time and apply, fill up the application form to best of your knowledge.

  7. My name is chalam, and I am a retired person from Indian navy this is my first contract in merchant navy and my C1d visa rejected first time under section 214(b). Now my question is is there any time gap for reapply pls pass on ur suggestion sir.

    • Mr. Chaman, you must understand that visa can be applied anytime if it gets rejected under 214(b) , but you must also consider the fact that your conditions are different from past application, you must fill up you ds 160 correct and truthfully, and answer all questions as it is in life, don’t lie to consular officers, so if you feel you need a bit of time then give it.

  8. sir my name is rahul and i have interview for c1/d visa on 24 jan ,,my father is no more but i am not using late as prefix in name of my father so if they asked me about my father so what should i answer

  9. Good day sir!

    What if you’re rejected from interview?, for how many days or week you can back to embassy for next interviews?

    • You must re apply once you believe that there are changes in your application and circumstances, from your previous application. For different people it will differ for someone it may be 1 month and for someone’s case it might be even 6 months.

  10. Hi, sir

    In 2006 my US student visa was denied under 214(b). Now i am going to apply for C1D visa for Cruise job in Galley. What will be my chances of getting C1D visa this time. And what ill need be carefull of. Thank you.

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