My entrance to Merchant Marine Officer’s Academy.

The summer of 2011 was not like other Indian summers for me,the days were longer,so was my hope.

Since starting of this journey,I had convinced my self that this is what I want, it was not possible for me to keep myself off the subject of Marine for long, It obsessed my mind,it came out in my art religion and mind. I didn’t want to take life as it was ,I wanted to recast it and rebel against it. I am a man who tries to act as preserving social structure and honouring it’s conventions,but maybe am not of that kind.

It all started in the month of April,2011 when a Maritime company posted an update on their website, I quickly sent an e mail to the given address and went for the their company examinations for sponsorship, I appeared for an computer based examination and then it was a turn for personal interviews, and it was none other than an experienced Captain who was their for my interview,I must say it was not that tough although I got confused in density units part,he even was interested to know whether I had the knowledge regarding his company and I was already prepared for this. Everything went well and nice,he asked me to appear for a psychometric test and MMD eyesight test,I came back for eyesight test later to Mumbai.

This was one of the Offices I went for my sponsorship tests.
This was one of the Offices I went for my sponsorship tests.
Office of a company where I went in for an interview, aspiring cadets waiting to be interviewed by a Master Mariner.
Office of a company where I went in for an interview, aspiring cadets waiting to be interviewed by a Master Mariner.

I went for interviews and examinations of few other companies and shortly it was sure I was going to join the country’s most advanced Maritime Institute, I was taken for SIMS (Samundra Institute of Maritime studies),soon a call letter was mailed to me guiding regarding the further steps. Although my parents were not very delighted for me going into this seafaring career,but they never opposed me,they were always quite supporting during those days and are even today. After a month I appeared for the CET (Common Entrance Examination) of  Indian Maritime University and yes I had done it, I don’t know was it easily or was it a tough one Now I was set for this extraordinary career and things were changing fast,packing up my suitcase and keeping everything I would need there,parents knew exactly what kind of things I would require,they knew better than me what I will need,best were the sleepers they brought for me “red coloured” I wear them today,I missed them badly during pre sea and also my sis who never went aback in our regular quarrels!!!finally it was 31st of July, A bath in the early morning and it was the day I was to join the Institute . Me and papa went to to catch the train,emotions were all mixed up, no description is required. Now we were passing the hill station of Lonavla,where the cool breeze was trespassing on my naked limbs,through the open windows of the train.It was filled with water,two days of rain must not have caused it, I was given a welcome by its heavy showers. Soon I was in SIMS, it was great to look at by its modern infrastructure,later it proved to be real good for me!!



  1. I have given writen exam and interview and result yet not said . If you are still in SIMS then please help me .. SIMS is my last hope . They said my name is in waiting list

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